Why Avulux®?

The Migraine Dilemma

Pain, Isolation, and Quality of Life

There's more to migraine than pain -- days stuck in dark rooms, cancelled plans, and limits on how you can take charge of your day and even your life.

Even if you aren't overly light sensitive, you may be at risk. Certain "Harmful Light" (bands of wavelengths of painful visible light) has been scientifically proven to trigger migraine attacks and worsen migraine pain.

Enter Avulux

The Avulux® Team

Avulux is made up of a team of optical engineers, physicians, and problem solvers. To put it simply:

We engineer migraine solutions that help people relieve pain, escape isolation, and take command of their lives.

Avulux® Migraine Glasses Could Be The Only Migraine Treatment You Need

We created Avulux® Migraine Glasses to help you fight migraine and get through your day.

After eight years of research and development, this Avulux® is:

  • Completely safe so you won't experience any negative side effects.
  • At least as effective as current treatments.
  • Usable anywhere, without any tolerance build up.
  • Designed to help you improve your quality of life.

Clinical studies on the Avulux® lens have shown 9 out of 10 wearers significantly reduce their migraine symptoms or even fully prevent migraine attacks.

Clinical studies also showed that 74% of subjects using Avulux® no longer needed to take migraine medication to manage their symptoms.

Avulux® is dedicated to helping you make the most of your days. The migraine lenses in our glasses are hardcoated to military specifications to resist scratches. Avulux® frames are stylish, lightweight, and durable for daily comfort.

Read about the science behind Avulux® here.

Avulux lilu photophobia glasses for migraine relief

How Can You Achieve Your Migraine Relief?

It's simple. Put on your Avulux® Migraine Glasses.

It's like carrying a dark room in your pocket, as we like to say. You can wear them anywhere, at any time. Avulux® lenses are efficient and adaptable so you won't become more sensitive to light with continuous wear (whether indoor or outdoor).

You don't have to have an upcoming or ongoing migraine attack to experience the benefits. Avulux® will also keep your eyes feeling relaxed and comfortable while you're under harsh light or in front of bright digital screens.

Our staff continuously keep their Avulux® glasses on throughout the day.

Did you know that wearing regular sunglasses continuously could leave you even more sensitive to light?

You may be asking, "But, how do I do it?"

The How to... Safely Fight Migraine and Take Command of Your Life Plan:

  1. Purchase your favorite pair of Avulux® Migraine Glasses.
  2. Receive them in the mail, quickly open the box, and slide on your new Avulux® Migraine Glasses.
  3. Wear Avulux® for at least two weeks to confirm their positive effects on you (you may even notice immediately).
  4. After 1, 2, and 3 you'll be at your best to take command.

We do recommend that:

  • If you have more than 15 migraine days per month, wear your Avulux® Migraine Glasses throughout the day as a preventative.
  • If you have less than 15 migraine days per month, wear your Avulux® Migraine Glasses as soon as you feel any migraine symptom.
  • Do wear them during any trigger activities (e.g. computer use, phone use, while under bright lighting, etc.)

      If you’re at all unsatisfied, simply return Avulux® Migraine Glasses for a refund within 60 days.

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      Why Avulux®?

      It's Your Tool That Works to Help You Seize The Day

      There are no other glasses like Avulux Migraine Glasses on the market – patented and backed by 3 independent clinical trials proving its efficacy.

      We care about your relief. We want you to experience this quick, effective, and safe way to calm your eyes and quiet your brain.

      According to one customer, “Putting on my Avulux® glasses feels like lathering aloe on a bright red, angry sunburn.”

      Let Avulux® be the treatment that can save you from constantly visiting your doctor, the hospital, or your pharmacist. Even keep your eyes relaxed as you browse the web or watch your favorite movie. Give Avulux® a try. Your wallet, your precious time, your eyes, and your brain will thank you.

      Just see what this customer has to say:


      The Avulux® Promise

      We understand the impact of migraine on you and want you to experience an improvement in your quality of life through a reduction or elimination of your migraine and light sensitivity symptoms.

      When you make the decision to try Avulux® for yourself, do so with confidence. We're giving you 60 days to try them at home -- it's your time to be sure that you can find your relief.


      Wear Avulux® and be at your best.

      Avulux Lilu migraine glasses for migraine relief

      Try Avulux® migraine glasses at home to fight migraine for 60 days risk-free.

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