The only clinically proven lens for migraine pain and light sensitivity relief

Studies Show

90% find migraine and light sensitivity relief with Avulux
Find Daily Relief

90% of Avulux wearers are able to continue with their daily activities.

Avulux reduces migraine medication for 74%
Reduce Their Meds

74% are able to reduce or eliminate the need for additional medication to manage their migraine symptoms.

Why Avulux Works

Over 80% of people with migraine are light sensitive and 30-60% of migraine attacks are triggered by light.

When melanopsin, a cell in your eye, is overexcited by exposure to certain light, it can lead to migraine attacks and increased migraine pain.  

Avulux is a patented precision lens technology that filters as much as 97% of the most painful, migraine-triggering light (in the blue, amber, and red light spectrum) which reduces the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks and relieves light sensitivity.  

Avulux clear migraine and light sensitivity glasses

Use Avulux as needed


Wear Avulux as soon as you feel any migraine symptoms or when you’re light sensitive.


Wear Avulux throughout your day or during any trigger activities like extended screen time or exposure to harsh light and glare.

no sacrifices
no side effects

Avulux is clinically proven to reduce migraine pain and relieve light sensitivity without any negative side effects.

Migraine drug side effects
Red Migraine Glasses Distort color Avulux does not
crisp clear relief
No color distortion

Avulux lenses were designed to be color neutral so you can find relief comfortably, without affecting your quality of life.

No Time Away

Avulux is easy to use anywhere, and can be safely used as a complement to other treatments, allowing you to spend your time doing what you love.  

Avulux gets you out of your dark room
No Recurring Costs

One pair of Avulux glasses is enough to get you through your day.

Find relief with Avulux or your money back.

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