Migraine Glasses - Understanding the Science Behind Avulux®

Avulux xyko glasses absorbing light

The Relationship Between Light and Migraine

Certain Light Affects the Cells in Your Eyes

Our eyes have the ability to process light thanks to two photoreceptors (light receptors) located at the back of the retina called rods and cones.

Based on a study run in 2010, we know that there are other intrinsically-photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGC’s) at the back of the retina3. One of these ipRGCs is melanopsin, which is activated by certain wavelengths of light in the 400nm to 500nm range5. One of the functions of melanopsin is to aid your vision with color correction in high-brightness situations.

If you have migraine, you are likely to experience an increase in pain in bright-light situations. In the same 2010 study, it was found that the exacerbation of migraine related headaches by light are likely to involve both extrinsic photoactivation of ipRGCs by rods and cones, as well as intrinsic photoactivation of melanopsin3.

To put it simply, exposing your eyes to light that activates these cells has been found to worsen your migraine related pain.

Avulux® used the research behind melanopsin as one of the main scientific drivers behind the optical engineering involved in creating Avulux® migraine glasses.

Migraine treatment using 480nm

Precision Tinted Lenses and Filters

Gray Filters vs Precision Filters

A study in 2011 tested precision tinted filters versus gray filters and simple colored filters on subjects with migraine who were made to look at a series of illusions and visual distortions.

The researchers found that the subjects’ brain activation normalized when they observed the visuals through the precision tinted filters (glasses) versus the other filters. They concluded that their study suggests a neurological basis for the therapeutic effect of precision tinted lenses4.

With good reason, people with migraine quickly run to a dark room at the onset of their migraine symptoms. However, it’s simply impossible at times. Migraine affects people in the most productive years of their lives. It’s not always reasonable to drop what you’re doing, run into a dark room, and cancel your plans.

Testing A Next-Generation Prototype Migraine Lens

Avulux's team of researchers put a new lens to the test in 2016. That study6, which is now published in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, explored the effect of wearing glasses that blocked wavelengths of light in the 480nm notch against lenses blocking at the 620nm notch.

The findings were astounding and eye opening. Subjects found significant migraine symptom relief with both the 480nm lenses and 620nm lenses. Based on the HIT-6 headache impact test, 19 out of 37 subjects who completed the study moved out of the “very severe impact” category when wearing one or both lenses. 23 subjects reported at least a 6 point improvement in HIT-6 scores while wearing one or both of the lenses.

Migraine Glasses precision optical filter study avulux

The researchers further studied and reviewed clinical evidence to determine why there was such a positive effect with either lens. They determined there's a physiological basis in the response they observed per a study performed in 20097, wavelengths at 481nm and 587nm are the peak bands affecting Melanopsin, the previously discussed ipRGC.

This study was the basis for the further evolution and engineering of the Avulux® lens. 

The Migraine and Photophobia Problem (also known as “light sensitivity”)

Photophobia Affects Most People with Migraine

Approximately 80% of people with migraine experience photophobia1. It’s no mystery that light sensitivity is a major issue for them, yet the majority of treatments on the market do not address it.

A study conducted in 2016 had subjects with migraine placed in a dark room2. The subjects were then intermittently exposed to varying colors of light (white, blue, green, amber, and red) and assessed for:

  • Intensity of their headache
  • Throbbing sensation
  • Muscle tenderness
  • Cephalic areas (areas on the head) affected by the pain.


The researchers found that white, blue, amber, and red light increased the subjects’ headache pain intensity, while green light was actually shown to reduce pain intensity.

Therefore, filtering out the specific wavelengths of migraine inducing light while allowing in green light may prove beneficial in reducing light sensitivity (photophobia) and headache intensity2.

Green Light Migraine Study

This study's findings aligned with what the Avulux researchers found in their 2016 study. Avulux's engineers worked to refine a lens to prevent the wavelengths of light around the green band of the spectrum from entering a wearer's eye.

Avulux's® Solution to Your Light and Migraine Dilemma

Over eight years of optical engineering, experimentation, and clinical research have gone into developing the Avulux® lenses specifically for migraine and light sensitivity (photophobia). That lens is now used in Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Glasses. It is a new generation of precision tinted optical filter, that means it is a lens for glasses that more effectively and efficiently absorbs wavelengths in high percentages at only certain slivers of the light spectrum.

Avulux® customers report back that they feel like they’ve just run into a dark room after putting on their Avulux® migraine glasses!

Feeling like Avulux® is your portable dark room is no coincidence. Avulux’s® precision tinted optical lenses are specifically designed to absorb the harmful wavelengths of light that both increase pain for those with photophobia and cause migraines (migraine attacks) to begin and worsen, while allowing the beneficial wavelengths of light in. Unlike sunglasses, wearing Avulux® continuously will not make you more sensitive to light, it will not cause dark-adaptation.

The Avulux® lens protects your eyes, and effectively your brain. Avulux's lenses have been refined to do so without turning your world dark or any uncomfortable color like red, green, or yellow. You'll probably forget you're even wearing them as your color perception remains intact and your color contrast increased.

Our lenses absorb light so well, and from many angles, that we can use traditional frames instead of wrap-around frames to achieve the same results.



Avulux Migraine Glasses Ocular Migraine Loop



That dark room you’ve always wanted to carry in your pocket is now a reality.

Avulux® is Clinically Proven

Backed by Multiple Independent Studies

Engineering a lens so precise and effective was no light task. Migraine subjects included in the clinical studies varied from those with as few as one headache every month or two to those with more than 15 headache days a month. Individuals in every one of these subject groups experienced migraine relief.

Independent clinical studies on the Avulux® lens have shown that:

  • 38% of Avulux® users have their headaches completely disappear before even beginning if Avulux® is worn at the earliest onset of a migraine symptom or a migraine aura.
  • Another 36% have their migraine related symptoms so significantly reduced to the point where they do not need any additional medicine to manage their symptoms.
  • More than 90% of Avulux® users have such dramatic pain relief that they are able to return to their normal activities of daily living.
  • 74% of trial subjects were able to reduce or eliminate their usual amount of migraine medication needed to treat their symptoms, whether oral or injectable.

What Are Migraine Glasses?

An Engineered Migraine Solution

In today’s terms, it's Avulux's® migraine glasses. As the only medical device of its kind, these glasses are proven for the prevention and treatment of migraine symptoms and light sensitivity relief, they can work as effectively or more safely than alternative medications without any tolerance buildup. Now, you finally have access to this tool as your anytime solution to fight migraine and seize the day.

Avulux bli migraine glasses help ocular migraine

Why Avulux® Migraine Glasses Over Other Glasses (Photophobia Glasses, Light Sensitivity Glasses, Blue Light Blockers, and FL-41)?

Other Glasses

The term migraine glasses has historically been used to label glasses that have helped some people cope with their migraine related light sensitivity. Maybe you’ve associated migraine glasses with:

  • Blue light blockers
  • FL-41 (dark, rose-tinted glasses)
  • Light sensitivity glasses
  • Photophobia glasses
  • Dark orange, red, blue, or green glasses

Prior to Avulux®, these glasses were the only available anecdotal optical filter solutions that physicians and people with migraine and photophobia were driven to use.

Avulux® is the first clinically proven optical filter available that's been proven to reduce migraine related head pain and relieve light sensitivity. 

Shortfalls of Other Glasses

These glasses may only prevent a portion of the harmful, migraine-inducing light from entering your eyes.

Also, they normally use a film that is placed on the surface of the lens. If that film becomes scratched, it affects the lens' efficacy at preventing light from entering your eyes.

Although wearing these other glasses for light sensitivity relief may be better than not wearing any at all, these generic lenses aren't clinically proven to actively treat or prevent ongoing migraine symptoms including head pain and light sensitivity during a migraine attack.

Not all optical lenses are the same and lenses can vary wildly without strict quality control. Even lenses that are made in the same lab!

Avulux's lens laboratory has nearly 40 years of experience in the lens market and maintains strict quality control measures to ensure a consistent premium lens in every pair of Avulux® glasses.

Read more about migraine glasses here.

The Only Lens with Evidence-based Results

The unique and patented Avulux® lens technology is designed to precisely and effectively absorb the additional harmful wavelengths of light that other glasses on the market do not absorb. Best of all, you can wear them indoors and outdoors without color distortion.

If you haven’t tried the patented Avulux® glasses, then you haven’t truly tried migraine & light sensitivity glasses. The term migraine glasses is given a whole new meaning. Experience what could be one of your essential migraine management tools.

Based on Avulux's® clinical data, a physician would say that it is as reasonable to use Avulux® for migraine pain and light sensitivity relief as it would be to use a prescribed pharmaceutical or prescribed migraine medical device. The difference is that Avulux® does not come with any adverse side effects, and it is truly risk-free.


Avulux® migraine lenses are hardcoated and anti-scratch to military specifications.

Avulux's® migraine lens technology is engineered into the lenses uniformly at the molecular level. That means that if your lenses do become scratched, it won't affect the amount of light prevented from entering your eyes. The entirety of the lens effectively works to keep your eyes and your brain safe.

Our frames are lightweight, durable, stylish, and comfortable. Avulux® migraine glasses will become your go-to tool in your migraine fighting toolkit.

Without Avulux®:

  • Are you struggling with migraine related pain, light sensitivity, and negative side-effects from traditional migraine medication?
  • Do you feel isolated and like migraine often takes over your schedule?
  • Are you finding yourself remaining indoors or avoiding brightly lit places to reduce your exposure to migraine triggers?
  • If you're wearing other glasses, are the heavily tinted lenses distorting your color perception?
  • Are the tints on your glasses scratching off, leaving you exposed to light?
  • And then comes the feeling of having to weather the storm and fight through the pain and side-effects with your current medication.

With Avulux®:

  • You can manage your migraine symptoms, including the related head pain and light sensitivity, without any negative side-effects.
  • Fight your migraine with a tool that’s been vetted by multiple independent clinical trials.
  • Take command of your schedule and your life with Avulux® at your side.
  • Go to those brightly lit places, spend time with your favorite people, enjoy a concert, even feel comfortable working in front of your computer hour after hour.
  • Feel confident that Avulux® will continue performing together with you. Our clinically proven, military spec., anti-scratch, hardcoated migraine lenses will keep you protected from the light and keep your eyes and brain relaxed.
  • We care about your relief and we hope you’ll use Avulux® to help be at your best.
Before and After Avulux Migraine Glasses

What Did You Learn?

  • Light can negatively affect people with migraine and/or light sensitivity.
  • Certain wavelengths of light are harmful and painful while others are beneficial.
  • Migraines (migraine attacks) can be prevented or treated by effectively preventing specific harmful wavelengths of light from entering your eyes.
  • Most people with migraine suffer from light sensitivity.
  • Avulux® is evidence-based, proven, and approved to help you treat and prevent migraine symptoms, including the associated headache pain and light sensitivity.

  • Let Avulux® help you get back in control whether you have ocular migraine, vestibular migraine, hemiplegic migraine, migraine aura, nausea, or other classic migraine symptoms. Even wear Avulux® when you're not experiencing migraine symptoms to keep your eyes relaxed while you're working behind a screen or under harsh lighting.

The Avulux® Promise

We understand the impact of migraine and light sensitivity on you and want you to experience an improvement in your quality of life through a reduction or elimination of your migraine and light sensitivity symptoms.

When you make the decision to try Avulux® for yourself, do so with confidence. We care about your relief, so we're giving you 60 days to try them at home -- it's your time to be sure that you're happy with the relief Avulux® can bring.

Avulux bli photophobia glasses for migraine relief
Try Avulux® Migraine Glasses at Home to Fight Migraine for 60 Days Risk-Free.

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