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Purchase any 'Made to Order' frame and we'll cut and place non-prescription Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses into your selected frames for you (Avulux lenses are included in the listed price). 7-14 days processing time, in addition to shipping time, is required on Made to Order purchases. Note that the Avulux lenses are not clear, there is a slight tint to them, and the Made to Order frames will contain  tinted Avulux lenses.

Download the virtual try-on app (store code - avulux): iOS or Android

We do not accept returns of Made to Order frames due to customization. Try any of our Avulux branded frames for 60 days.


Frame Style Glasses Sizing Frame Width (screw to screw) Glasses Material Gender Shape
Hoopla 48-18-140 125mm Acetate Children's Square
Gotcha 47-17-130 120mm Acetate Children's Square
Mischeif 46-15-125 124mm TR90 Plastic Children's Square
Fairytale 48-18-140 120mm Acetate Children's Wayfarer

Why Avulux?

Migraine Brain Icon
Evidence-based and Patented

The Avulux lens is the only lens that's been clinically proven to help you manage the impact of light sensitivity and its associated symptoms on your daily life.

Classified as a medical device in 32 countries.

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Maximum Protection

Avulux lenses precisely absorb as much as 97% of the most painful light without distorting your color perception + 100% UV protection.

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No Sacrifices

No side effects. No recurring costs. Wear them indoors or outdoors. Take command in style.

Made to Order Frames
Calm your Eyes & your brain

Choose Avulux frames or custom Made to Order frames.

Non-Prescription Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses are cut and placed into Made to Order frames once purchased.

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Ocho virtual try on migraine glasses
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Look Your Best

Use the Virtual Try-On app Ocho Vision to try on our Made to Order frame options.

Store code: Avulux

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Avulux Promise

We're confident that Avulux can help you manage light sensitivity. However, we accept returns of our Avulux branded frames within 60 days.

We do not accept returns of Made to Order purchases due to customization.